ITL Health - Ionic Magnesium Citrate Supplements

ITL Health started in the UK and Ireland with the flagship product MAG365.  After winning several awards and commendations – and becoming the top selling magnesium supplement in those areas – they have grown to have an international presence, with products being manufactured in Ireland and Canada and sold in many parts of the world.

ITL Health was started by George Esser, a philanthropist with a heart to see people live their best lives.  This isn’t only evident through his desire to produce quality supplements and educate people about health; it can also be seen in the homeless shelter he founded and helps to maintain.

ITL Health is now headquartered in Canada and run by two of George’s daughters, while he focuses on streamlining the manufacturing process to eliminate waste in packaging, transport costs and the energy associated with traditional manufacturing procedures.  We are proud to be a women-led company.

Here at ITL Health, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality yet affordable supplements, and we will never compromise on quality.

  1. PrizMag Plus Magnesium Bigylcinate 90 capsules - MicroBio Health
  1. MAG365 Lemon 150g
  1. MAG365 Passion Fruit 150g - MicroBio Health
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  1. MAG365 Bone Formula Magnesium Powder 180g
  1. MAG365 Bone Formula Magnesium Exotic Lemon 180g
  1. MAG365 Unflavoured 150g - MicroBio Health
  1. MAG365 Kids Magnesium Passionfruit 150g - MicroBio Health
  1. Vital Vitamin D Plus 60 Capsules
  1. PrizMag Plus Magnesium Bigylcinate, Vitamins K2 & D3 90 Capsules