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Fabulous toothpaste

I always use a natural toothpaste, no harsh or hidden ingredients. Fresh, clean feeling after brushing, highly recommended.


My GP recommended vertigoheel when I told him about my recurrent dizzy spells. Within a 3 days they had stopped almost completely. He told me to take 3/day however the pharmacist saw me reeling when I bought and advised me to take one every 2/3 hours if required. After day one I did take more than 3 a day.
After one week I realised I was forgetting to take them! Definitely proof that they had done the job. They are marvellous I’m keeping a box in my cabinet just in case of recurrence.
And I’ve recommended them to a few people with similar issues.

Spoonful botanical

First, the reason I started taking this product I had severe pain in my right shoulder infrequently, one day no pain next day pain, next 3 or 4 days no pain then maybe 5 days with pain. Anyone who suffers joint pain will understand this. On the 22nd November I started taking Spoonful Botanical 1 spoonful every morning no pain. Each day I’m waiting for it to return so far so good. I’m 68 years old with a medical background, retired now. I’ll keep you updated

I have found teaspoon Botanical has definitely helped my joint pains would highly recommend same

Total game changer

Amazing product, my sleep has been transformed.

buen producto

producto muy bueno y mejor servicio

Product was not delivered. Communication was bad. Had to get a a refund in the end

This multi vitamin it’s really helpful, easy take it, test good also there is no aftertaste and no negative side effects such as skin rash, nausea, headache or constipation etc.
I’ve been taking it for few weeks now I’m going to start my second soon and I’m sure I’ll reorder if the product it didn’t sold out.

Wrong yablets

I ordered the advanced multi strain capsules which normally come in a blister pack with green Bio-Kult printed on them. The ones I received are the every day capsules. Am now stuck with four month’s worth that really do not suit my digestive system. So won’t be buying from here agsin


Good item for eye problems

Gut boost

Ordered those for husband who has been suffering from severe bloating and indigestion. This is the second order. First one was pack of 40 to try them out and within two weeks he was starting to feel better. Bloating greatly reduced and indigestion has more or less gone.

2nd purchase of this, initially I bought 1 bottle. It really helped reduce the length of a really bad cold/flu.

The best cure that exists for any skin problems

Being an Australian, I have always been aware that tea tree oil is a magic cure used by aborigines for thousands of years. It clears up any cuts, abrasions or even skin ailments in days. I swear by it.


Quick delivery Thankyou . My first time buying from you and will always use this site. I always have traumeel with me , had 2 boys always with sports injuries, used it all the time.

Heel Vertigoheel 30ml
Eileen Fearon

An excellent product. Good advice given at time of purchase.

Very good for bloating

I take these to treat bloating and to help with digestion. As we age we lose our own natural digestive enzymes, this leads to indigestion and bloating, taking these supplements has eased my symptoms and now I'm able to eat a greater range foods that previously were off limits because they were hard to digest and caused me problems.

Absolutely love this ACD. The taste is amazing.

It really seems to be helping my gut

White sage Incense Sticks

Lovely smell not to strong..

Revive Tropical

Revive gave me energy as well as reducing fatigue, so i can now work through your day without feeling exhausted by lunchtime. A great improvement and the Tropical flavour is lovely and easy to drink..

Highly recommend

Have definitely felt a difference ever since starting revive active with more energy


Right purchase which does a lot for the metabolism.

Happy !

The vitamins are very good. I am very happy with customer service, I did mistake when I ordered it, they sorted it out straight away. Quick delivery. Many thanks.

Great for sports

Great for increasing blood flow during exercise

Very good product,body absorbs very efficiently,magnesium very important
for body structure release and relaxing.