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Easy to apply and gives a healthy looking glow. Thank you.

Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex 250ml

This was a great help to get back to feeling well and more energy after an illness

Apple Cider Vinegar

A great product that I use for my many cooking needs, and excellent service from the staff,many thanks Meave.

Great product,good service

I found Micromax helped to improve my digestive system, no bloating and it's helped me to reduce craving for sweets.

Heel Traumeel S 30ml
Anna Klimenkova
Traumeel S

It was really helpful for speedy recovery from the elbow bursitis.
Thank you MicroBio Health™ for excellent service

Heel Traumeel S 30ml
alison Linden

Hi girls still waiting on a phone call about bio kult migrea arriving back in store?

PrizMag Magnesium Bigylcinate 90 Capsules

These tablets have been very helpful for sleeping

Going to buy a second packet

Perfect name for the perfect product

Ashling had recommended this to me a few years ago and I have been using it ever since , it’s a wonderful product and I can see a difference in my skin , thank you Ashling


Really like this product. Helps with tired muscles as I do alot of fitness. Also helps with sleep. M

Heel Traumeel S Gel 50g
Theresamarie Ward

It did ease the pain , found it a-bit helpful

Very good product

RicePure Red Yeast Rice 90 Capsules


This honey is very good excellent to the taste bugs easy to take

This works

Fast delivery. I have IBS and this product minimised my symptoms after just six days. I’m delighted 😀

High quality

Excellent quality from local producer.

Fabu R&R

Fantastic product and helps me get a great nights sleep

York Test Premium Food Intolerance test + Consultation

That missing link

I eat well, sleep well and walk on average about 15k steps a day. Still felt a bit sluggish- into my second month of taking one of these every day, don’t feel so sluggish, and definitely feel better

Not for me !

Did not like the taste at all. Unable to take the mixture.

BetterYou Magnesium Joint Spray 100ml

It’s good stuff and seems to be helping my knee become less painful, used in conjunction with comfrey oil.

Excellent product

Very happy with this and will re order

Very good product and price. Good service.

Elements Sandalwood Incense Sticks 20?

Just love these intense sticks I have tried a few different brands..These have been the best so far.Beautiful smell..

Revive Meno Active 30
Marie Rafferty
Revive meno

I found this a very good product with a noticeable in my energy even after 1 day .

Higher Nature Phosphatidyl Serine 45 Capsules?

I have been taking these, following guidance, since the beginning of 2023.
My confidence in sharing my spiritual 'Knowings' in both private and public settings has increased.