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Easy to give to children

The spray mechanism is handy for giving to children.

Customer service

Customer service was brilliant. My item wasn’t delivered initially. Aislinn was brilliant in dealing with this issue. 5/5.

Micromax 1 L bottle
Ailis Gravin
Couldn’t be without it

Fantastic cost effective probiotic that improves my IBS symptoms

The best service ever , fast shipment

Fast shipment and the best customer service.
I recommend this product for pain relief and other significant problems.
I give it to my 17th-year daughter after Pericarditis from covid 19, and she's back to good health.

Prescript biotics

Gut health is much improved and feel better after just 3 weeks. Will repurchase


Zell Oxygen Plus is an excellent product which promotes all round health.

Very slow delivery

I bought one bottle and It did improve energy levels. I then ordered a 3 pack and one week later it still hasn’t arrived. Product good, but if you need it in a hurry, go elsewhere

Thank you for your order! We appreciate your support, and understand this is your second order with us. We use Royal Mail as our courier, and orders ship same/next business day; please note that we do allow for one extra day during bank holiday weekends. I do understand your frustration; and we will follow up with Royal Mail on this matter. Our goal is to provide an excellent service to all our customers.

Amazing product

Powerful enzyme, definitely worth taking 👌 great product

Great product

Was skeptical at first and the label said to mix it with water so was worried it would taste bad but i can down the shot no problem, not too bad a taste. I definitely feel stronger since taking it

Dr Wolz

Love this brand gives you a boost of all your essential vitamins and minerals

Disappointing Supplement

Whilst the range of vitamins in this supplement are great and wide ranging, the RDA of each nutrient it provides is really disappointing. Iron is only 15%! I will try to upload a picture of the RDA provision, as this information is missing from the product detail on the website - at least I couldn’t find it, even though I did look and watch the video.

Thank you for your review. Dr Wolz Vitalkomplex is a high quality product, tested in several independent research institutes. Vitalkomplex won the 2016 and 2021 German health food store (Reformhaus®) award for product of the year!
The intent of Vitalkomplex is the supplementation of fruit and vegetable sourced phytochemicals. In 20 ml of Vitalkomplex, there is a similar amount of phytochemicals as is contained in 800g of selected fruit and vegetables.

Please read our blog post on VitalKomplex along with the article that explains all aspects of VitalKomplex:

Good product

Really like this product as its liquid Vitamin C a great alternative to taking tablets.

Very effective

Easy to take mixed with fruit juice. Seems to help with my sinus infections. I’ve also noticed I seem to sleep better

Great supplement

I have used this supplement before and it always makes a considerable difference to my fatigue. I mix it with orange juice.

Take every day

I take a cap full of this first thing every morning to kick start my day. Great stuff.

Great service

Usual good product at a better price than I paid with Amazon. Delivery good too. Will buy again.

Continuous benefits from regular use

My mum suffered from Long Covid and n eventually diagnosed, low blood count. Imunokomplex was recommended by a pharmacist before Christmas. It did and does have a noticeable impact on my mother's sense of physical health, sharpness and good health, over all.

Great product

I have been taking these after a recommendation from a friend. I have seen improvement and will continue to take these. Two of my friends take these and highly recommend

Good product

Taking after an illness seems to be helping I will need a bit more time to see a real difference but will continue to take and will purchase more.

Excellent service! No problems

Palatable and well made

No nasties and my baby takes them really well.

Great product

I have been taking these to help me as I always seem to catch viruses etc. They seem to be helping and will continue to keep taking.

Good product

I have been suffering from fatigue after an illness this seems to be helping me although I would need to give it a bit longer to see the real benefits as it's only been a couple of weeks

Ring of Gullion Local Honey 227g
Great Honey

Beautiful local honey, tastes great & kids love it. Hopefully reduces hay fever symptoms in June.

Great product

Great product. These genuinely keep my gut healthy and even though I have a stressful life, my gut is happy. I’m sure they help my immune system too.

MicroBio Medals