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Spoonful Botanical 500g
Josephine Flynn
An easy spoonful

Easy to take supplement

I have taken immun select since I had covid in 2020. I find they have improved my energy levels as I was chronically fatigued all the time. Also good for digestive system. I would recommend this product

Miracle drug

This capsule has been a life saver. Its changed so much that the list is endless. I'm a totally different woman and can cope with so much more now. Thanks Aislinn

Glucosamine for joints

I have been taking glucosamine complete for about 4 months and I now feel the benefits of it. My joints especially the knees feel much better than before, I would however like them to improve a bit more but I guess time will tell as I’ve only been on them for 4 months.

Magnesium to help with sleep

Prizmag pure magnesium has helped me immensely with sleep, I am now getting more deeper sleep since I’ve been taking them. I have high blood pressure and I have found that the magnesium has helped me to bring my blood pressure down.

Quality goods

Great purchase and kids love it. Usually mix it with yogurt or porridge in the morning.

My daily go-to vitamin! 🍊

I’ve been taking revive monthly for over a year. It sets my day off right and gives me the boost I need. I notice a major difference whenever I forget to take a sachet. The taste is so nice & some times I take it along with revive mastermind if I know I have important exams/deadlines approaching. If you are looking to start any where with your health routine Revive is the best place to start!

Good product

Liver cleansing solution.

The best royal jelly product

I’m using this vials for years and always feeling better and more energetic after the first one and just after couple of hours after. This is amazing product and I am strongly recommending to everyone when you feel under the weather or if you need some boost of energy.

Revive Active Beauty

Have been using this product for about a year now following my visit to Microbiohealth shop and with Aisling's help and recommendation I just love it, the difference to my skin and hair is amazing , thanks again .

Superb product

Great massage oil

I use this oil for Breuss Spinal Massage, it is just the right consistency for applications, it provides an ideal amount of lubrication and it spreads easily.


Good product. Love that its orange flavoured as it makes it taste not as fishy. Kids love it.

Very good and no drug painkiller

I was advace to use. It is homeopatic, not drug and help me to can sleep when I was full of pain

100% effective

this product was recommended to me and i cannot fault it as it works for me........ so far so good.

Highly recommended!

It really helps me with my acne and gut health.


The products work well for me. It was prescribed to me by my dermatologist to help cleanse my gut and heal my body from the inside to outside. And ive been taking it ever since.

Great product fo keep your immune system healthy

Good for all family members. Helps to keep immune system healthy. It's tasteless which is really good too.

Bio Bran

Fast delivery. Have been taking the product for a few weeks, no issues yet, hoping it will help with my condition.


Very good product.

Zell Oxygen Plus

Gives me the energy I need to do shift work and helps with my mood, I'd recommend it after seeking medical advice 1st.

Super tonic

I take this regularly 3 times a year and also at anytime I feel under the weather. I believe it has supported my good health. It is pricey but absolutely worth every penny in my opinion. Great service from this company too.

excellent product

it works wonder

Good product

Don't know yet how successful it is to help fertility as only taking it for couple of months, but my gut health improved 100% !!! So plan to carry on taking it

Heel Traumeel Gel 50g
Aleksandr Demidov
Excellent service

Excellent service