Aloe Dent

Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a surfactant that can be aggressive towards sensitive mucous membranes such as those of the mouth). Without fluoride (a substance that, as demonstrated by recent studies, can hide some pitfalls. In fact excessive intake can cause problems to both health to tooth enamel).

Aloe Dent is a line of revolutionary products for oral hygiene. Traditional toothpaste has water’s percentage that doesn’t absolve any benefical function, but in Aloe Dent this water is replaced with Aloe Vera Juice, and togheter a mixture of natural active ingredients and carefully selected, creates a unique and exceptional toothpaste line. With regular use, as part of a proper oral hygiene program, AloeDent offers a valuable support in the fight against tooth caries and gum disease, in a natural way and leaving the incredibly fresh mouth.

Aloe Dent is able to balance the oral cavity’s pH at least for five hours, protecting teeth between one application and another. Furthermore, thanks to its incredible antibacterial properties and to instantaneous emollient effect of Aloe Dent, you’ll have a fresh mouth and visible benefit for a long time.

Continued Use of Aloe Dent, which, however, shouldn’t replace the check-up at the dentist, helps to prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria that are the main cause of:

• Bad breath
• Caries
• Gingivitis
• Dental pigmentation
• Oral candida
• Periodontal disease

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