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New Vista Healthcare are a family & community-oriented medicinal manufacturer and have been producing homeopathic medicines and food supplements for over thirty years. They strongly believe in promoting responsible measures for maintaining good health. This includes understanding the importance of diet, lifestyle, personal psyche, exercise, respect for nature, the causes of and contributors to both acute and chronic ill health. Responsible holistic healthcare is also about education, raising awareness and empowerment as all are driving forces for positive patient outcomes.  For many, emotional states and spiritual absense can be contributors to ill-health. Vibrancy and vitality are achievable once personal wellness becomes an objective.

Our homeopathic medicines are acknowledged for their safety, reliability and effectiveness. We operate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) in all aspects of our business. We hold a Manufacturers Licence from the Medicines Regulator and we are inspected by the Authority in accordance with the regulations governing the production of medicines. We are members of ECHAMP and supporters of ECH and EUROCAM, all three being the leading European professional organisations for the advancement of Natural Therapies.

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