Peter was diagnosed with IBS after a long period of stress coupled with extensive foreign travel. He calls his IBS the ‘sensitive' type as it was the ‘loose' variety for most of the time where he had a feeling of urgency several times a day, although this was inter-dispersed with constipation.

Over the years Peter tried various medications, natural supplements and lifestyle suggestions but was unable to find any real relief. One of the suggestions was to increase his fibre intake. At that time, fibre to Peter meant more wheat fibre so he purchased wheat bran to add to cereals and soup. Unfortunately he found this insoluble fibre too harsh for his sensitive bowels and his symptoms worsened.

Peter began to lose weight and felt tired most of the time. He was concerned that he was not digesting his food or absorbing nutrients effectively. He was dedicated to finding what he considered a ‘natural remedy' to help manage his IBS symptoms. After much research and consultation with past contacts in the health food industry he in turn discovered three natural ingredients; the gentle psyllium husk fibre, live bacteria and inulin which when mixed in the right proportions finally gave relief to his symptoms. Peter saw improvement within two to three days but understands that this will be different for everyone.

Peter is extremely happy to report that he no longer experiences any of his IBS symptoms. He firmly believes in the saying that ‘food truly is your medicine'.

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