The Really Healthy Company

The Really Healthy Company Ltd. is a London-based natural health shop specialising in the introduction and distribution of leading-edge and research-based nutritional supplements into the UK and Europe.

We started organically in 1995, not with a dry business plan but through the personal obsession of the founders with natural health solutions. One of our founders was the first to introduce Klamath algae into the UK and European markets, and so when we started we were actually solely a green food company. Since that time we have slowly and consciously built up a unique product line, selecting only the highest quality nutritional solutions and other products that we believe can make a real difference to our customers’ lives.

Today, our product range is still relatively small, but we now have a large and loyal customer base, which includes many high-profile practitioners (including medical doctors), clinics and shops, and our products are available in some of the leading trade catalogues.

The cornerstone of The Really Healthy Company’s growth over the years has been our personal and professional service, and our commitment to natural health education — helping to sponsor speakers and conferences. We also support a number of charities that have become very important to us, which means that a significant percentage of our profits is donated to good causes.

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