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Excellent great for helping ligaments in ankle to heal

Best tincture for fever (Cold Sores) blisters, when you first feel it coming on.

All tinctures or herbal products are all natural and great for everyday use, works fast. I used to sell these products and have used them for over 30 years. I am a retired Sports Physio. My patients were delighted with these natural remedies by,
Alfred Vogel.
Thank you

Very Professional Service

I've been using Echinacea drops for 30 years along with medicine and it's helps me greatly avoid flu's and colds. I recommend it to everyone, except those with liver problems. Thank you

Shaving Soap

Great company to deal with,my package was delivered to me opened with 2 items missing i contacted the company & spoke with the owner she was very apologetic & she said she would send out the 2 items that were missing from the package when she got new stock in i received those items very quickly
Would highly recommend them

Does what it says on the Bottle

Was suffering with fatigue from doing shift work and low mood so I bought Zell Oxygen Plus and within 2 days I could feel a positive difference, I've told people about it and how you benefit from taking it.

Very good product

My husband suffers pain and he has definitely seen the benefits of taking this product. He says his pain has eased. Will keep taking and hopefully see more benefits.

Improves PMS symtoms for me

I have used these before and they seem great for improving PMS symptoms - I suspect this is to do with improving progesterone production - and also libido. I can't comment about the direct effects on fertility but I feel better taking them than with no supplementation and good to know the folate is there should it be needed.

I was constantly feeling nauseous 24/7 while also having indigestion and bloating. After 2 days of taking this I could see the results. 2 weeks after using it and I feel great with no bloating/sickness/indigestion. Amazing product and will definitely keep taking it daily!

Very good

The best remedy for my legs in summer.

Good range and service

Did a lot of research before buying serrapeptase from this supplier - am very pleased with the decision so far.

Great boost

I was struggling to get over being unwell and just couldn’t get a grip on getting better. I was recommended this by a friend who was also run down and after a week of taking it I was seeing my energy levels return and since then I’ve been back to normal, being able to cope with a busy work life and social life. Whereas before I only had energy to focus on one or the other. Would definitely recommend to anyone and it will be a staple to help me get through the winter months as that’s when I struggle the most. It’s tastes nice, which is a bonus & super easy to fit into my daily routine. Only thing I would say is I take it in the evening as I find if I take it on an empty stomach I feel a bit weird.

Hay fever tablets

We have been using these for a few years and find them good for combating hay fever symptoms.
No tiredness either!

Easy to give to children

The spray mechanism is handy for giving to children.

Customer service

Customer service was brilliant. My item wasn’t delivered initially. Aislinn was brilliant in dealing with this issue. 5/5.

Micromax 1 L bottle
Ailis Gravin
Couldn’t be without it

Fantastic cost effective probiotic that improves my IBS symptoms

The best service ever , fast shipment

Fast shipment and the best customer service.
I recommend this product for pain relief and other significant problems.
I give it to my 17th-year daughter after Pericarditis from covid 19, and she's back to good health.

Prescript biotics

Gut health is much improved and feel better after just 3 weeks. Will repurchase


Zell Oxygen Plus is an excellent product which promotes all round health.

Very slow delivery

I bought one bottle and It did improve energy levels. I then ordered a 3 pack and one week later it still hasn’t arrived. Product good, but if you need it in a hurry, go elsewhere

Thank you for your order! We appreciate your support, and understand this is your second order with us. We use Royal Mail as our courier, and orders ship same/next business day; please note that we do allow for one extra day during bank holiday weekends. I do understand your frustration; and we will follow up with Royal Mail on this matter. Our goal is to provide an excellent service to all our customers.

Amazing product

Powerful enzyme, definitely worth taking 👌 great product

Great product

Was skeptical at first and the label said to mix it with water so was worried it would taste bad but i can down the shot no problem, not too bad a taste. I definitely feel stronger since taking it

Dr Wolz

Love this brand gives you a boost of all your essential vitamins and minerals

Disappointing Supplement

Whilst the range of vitamins in this supplement are great and wide ranging, the RDA of each nutrient it provides is really disappointing. Iron is only 15%! I will try to upload a picture of the RDA provision, as this information is missing from the product detail on the website - at least I couldn’t find it, even though I did look and watch the video.

Thank you for your review. Dr Wolz Vitalkomplex is a high quality product, tested in several independent research institutes. Vitalkomplex won the 2016 and 2021 German health food store (Reformhaus®) award for product of the year!
The intent of Vitalkomplex is the supplementation of fruit and vegetable sourced phytochemicals. In 20 ml of Vitalkomplex, there is a similar amount of phytochemicals as is contained in 800g of selected fruit and vegetables.

Please read our blog post on VitalKomplex along with the article that explains all aspects of VitalKomplex: https://microbiohealth.co.uk/blogs/microbio-blogs/vitalkomplex-a-robust-defence

Good product

Really like this product as its liquid Vitamin C a great alternative to taking tablets.