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Brilliant product.

I have been taking Spoonful Botanical for some time now with very positive results in terms of gut health!

Great product

Have suffered with cold sores for years and I’ve found that this product really helps to keep them at bay. 👍

My son has been taking traumeel for 3-4 months due to a severe allergic reaction to pet dander.
Traumeel helped immensely to balance the body

Great product MAG365

I’m so happy with the product MAG365 Exotic lemon, it helps me relax before bed & get a good nights sleep, thank you 🧘🏻‍♀️


Daughter suffers of hay fever and dust mite allergy for years, had been drinking over counter syrups whitch helped reduce symptoms but decided to try homeopathy so we are only for 2nd month on it and so far works wery good and does no harm like those hay fever sugary syrups.

Very happy.
I think finally I have the best vitamins for my kids

Zell oxygen

Great product, easy to take

Very Good

Arrived in good time and it's a great product for insomnia on those nights where sleep is difficult. Has a great calming relaxing effect shortly after taken would recommend

Menopause supplements

Great product! Highly recommended for women who want to try more natural supplements.

Product was delivered on time.

Excellent produce,great for system cleanup.


Excellent product, settled my constant stomach pain. Improved my digestive health.


This was recommended to me by my holistic dentist to treat old scars which could potentially be contributing to my jaw pain due to scar tissue on the inner side of the scar causing distortions and affecting my posture. I was advised to use it daily but don’t always remember, however even in a short space of time this gel has definitely helped my laparoscopy scars which have not healed well 2 years on from surgery. I find the gel good for bruises too although be warned it seems to bring old very deep bruises to the surface.

Best cider vinegar

Great service arrived as expected

Dr Wolz Vitalkomplex

I have taken this to avoid winter bugs and viruses, I’ve had the added benefit of increased energy levels. It is definitely a product I recommend. I will be continuing with it.


I had very high isolated systolic BP. despite taking prescribed medication. I was recommended to try these. All Iknow is - my BP is now a normal acceptable level and I feel better in myself 😊

Dr wolf probiotic

Has helped with my heartburn alot

It works!

Although a lot of doctors don’t believe in homeopathy but it works!

Great Store + Products

This is a great product I noticed a huge change in the way I felt mentally there's so many good things this can do for you Youtube it for more details it's were I went to before I purchased. This shop is really great pity there is not more of these places opened nationally 👍☺️


I found its really helpful for my health

Excellent product

Highly recommend this product covers a variety of minerals and vitamins. Really feel the benefits of taking it, definitely more energy!

Fabulous toothpaste

I always use a natural toothpaste, no harsh or hidden ingredients. Fresh, clean feeling after brushing, highly recommended.


My GP recommended vertigoheel when I told him about my recurrent dizzy spells. Within a 3 days they had stopped almost completely. He told me to take 3/day however the pharmacist saw me reeling when I bought and advised me to take one every 2/3 hours if required. After day one I did take more than 3 a day.
After one week I realised I was forgetting to take them! Definitely proof that they had done the job. They are marvellous I’m keeping a box in my cabinet just in case of recurrence.
And I’ve recommended them to a few people with similar issues.

Spoonful botanical

First, the reason I started taking this product I had severe pain in my right shoulder infrequently, one day no pain next day pain, next 3 or 4 days no pain then maybe 5 days with pain. Anyone who suffers joint pain will understand this. On the 22nd November I started taking Spoonful Botanical 1 spoonful every morning no pain. Each day I’m waiting for it to return so far so good. I’m 68 years old with a medical background, retired now. I’ll keep you updated

I have found teaspoon Botanical has definitely helped my joint pains would highly recommend same

Total game changer

Amazing product, my sleep has been transformed.