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Very good product

I suffer for long time from skin infection in the face .
It's took 2 weeks and I have very good improvement

Love it

Love this magnesium, I take it every day definitely helps with sleep and easy on the stomach.

It helps you feel more revitalised

It is great to replenish energy levels


Essential and simple way to get fast absorption vit d


So happy to start taking balance tonic, 3 weeks now and I feel more energy, focus and less brain fog and I feel happy, hormones really mess with us and we don't realise how much.. I highly recommend peri menopause and all ages

Love this product & my sleep has greatly improved

Brillant product

Brillant product defo notice a difference in my bloating and stomach pain. Highly recommend .

Great product, gentle on the stomach

Magnesium has always been hard for me to take with my sensitive gut, no issues with this one. Helps sleep and regulates bowel.

Slippery elm

Fantastic product for lining the digestive tract during illness

Brilliant tonic

Have used this product a few times now and have found it gives me a boost just when I need it. Great to know I have something to fall back on when your body needs a little help. It’s a good all rounder product. Easy to consume and no horrible aftertaste

Heel Oculoheel Eye Drops 15 Vials
Haskon and Clare Lovell
Hits the Target

Very effective for seasonal allergy attacking eyes
Good spread of remedies
Very slight problems with the pressure on application but a little goes a long way

Great service. Great product

Still using but so far my daughter seems more energetic

Repeat customer Live this product use it n my morning coffee

Repeat customer. Love this product & it has really helped holding UTIs at bay very happy

Great for sports

Give a super boost

Fantastic Product

Aislinn recommended this product to me and I can highly recommend it.
No bloating and stomach feeling lot better.

Brilliant product

I have started using this product in recent months and find it is really very beneficial & easy to take.

PrescriptBiotics 90 Capsules
Christine del Corral
Excellent service

Product is fantastic, offering both pre- and pro- bionics. It works! I have had it before from other retailers but found Microbio Health competitively priced and they delivered really quickly. Will definitely use again.

Love These Drops!

Oculoheel drops are the only drops that manage my itchy eye symptoms in allergy season with no side effects.

Strong as a bear

Excellent supplement for children! Helps appetite and immune system

Excellent service with delivery. So far so good but as Spoonful Botanicals say you need to be taking it for six weeks before expecting benefits. Tastes nice so easy to take.

The perfect lift

After hearing about this from a friend I decided to try for myself, I must say that after taking for a few weeks I do feel that I have more energy and that it has given me a lift and has definitely perked me up, so I will be going to order another to keep me going.

Find these great for helping me with day to day stresses of work & family life balance