Klamath Blue Green Algae 30g Powder

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Klamath Blue Green Algae® is the most nutrient-dense greenfood available for those seeking optimum health with wild wholefoods. This species of algae, called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), grows wild in the highly mineralized Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA. Every batch of the cool-dried algae is tested for purity using the latest analysis methods (LC-MS/MS). It is also BMAA free.

Directions: When first taking the product it is recommended to start with just one capsule or, if using powder, one third of a level teaspoon (½g), in a glass of water or juice on am empty stomach, preferably early in the day. Gradually build up to 2 capsules or more a day (two-thirds of a level teaspoon), or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.