Biobran MGN-3 sachets 1000 mg x30

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Biobran MGN-3 sachets 1000 mg x 30

BioBran MGN-3 is one of the most effective food supplements available for both helping the body maintain a strong and healthy immune system, and for boosting weak immune systems.

Developed in Japan by Daiwa Pharmaceutical, BioBran is manufactured using a patented process to break down rice bran using enzymes from Shitake mushrooms. The resulting compound contains a unique blend of hemicellulose nutrients — including a specific arabinoxylan compound as well as other short chain polysaccharides. This unique molecular fingerprint makes Biobran significantly more effective than any other immune system supplement on the market today, giving the body its best opportunity to optimize its own natural healing mechanisms.

BIOBRAN® MGN-3, a non-toxic glyconutritional food supplement (or functional food) made from breaking down rice bran with enzymes from the Shitake mushroom, has been clinically proven to help powerfully enhance depleted immune systems. So successful is this unique and patented MGN-3 arabinoxylan supplement at stimulating immune function that Professor M. Ghoneum of Drew University of Medicine and Science has stated: "I have been researching immunomodulators for over 30 years now and Biobran MGN-3 is the most powerful immune complex I have ever tested."

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