Higher Nature Æterna Gold Collagen Drink 80g

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Higher Nature Æterna Gold Collagen Drink 80g
    • Collagen infused drink for firmer looking skin
    • Contains potent pure marine (non-shark) collagen
    • With hyaluronic acid and vitamin C
    • Highly absorbable form can be added to juices

Contains fish products so may not be suitable for people with a fish allergy.

This product is now filled with 80g of product (instead of 70g), this is to account for natural variations in the density of the product. The price has not been changed.

Healthy skin starts from the inside out, which is why we developed Aeterna Gold Collagen Drink. Formulated specially to support firmer, more youthful looking skin, this glow-getting collagen drink contains carefully balanced vitamins, botanicals, hyaluronic acid and pure marine (non-shark) collagen. It comes in a highly absorbable form that can be added to your juices and works to maintain skin's moisture, aid tissue renewal and support collagen production for skin that looks and feels great.