Higher Nature Super OsteoFood 90

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Higher Nature Super OsteoFood 90
    • Supports healthy bones and teeth
    • Comprehensive formula including well absorbed calcium from a natural source
    • Ideal for women of all ages
    • Can also be taken by men who wish to support bone health
    • Perfect partnered with vitamin K2
    • Ideal for vegetarians and vegans

What is Super OsteoFood?

Our Super Osteofood is a comprehensive formula to support healthy bones and teeth.  Combining key nutrients including calcium, magnesium, boron, silica, manganes, zinc, copper and vitamins C, B6 and D, Super Osteofood is the "go-to" supplement for women who wish to support healthy bones throughout life. Moreover, Super Osteofood provides a natural source of calcium and magnesium - namely Lithothamnion calcarea (ossified seaweed) that is well absorbed in the body, as well as additional activated isoflavones from non-GMO sources, which may help contribute to the regulation of hormonal activity.

Many women start to think about bone health around the menopause, but it is during our 30s that we achieve peak bone mass - there is then typically a slow decline in bone mass as the removal of old bone exceeds the formation of new bone.  So it is never too early to maintain good bone health!  And let's not forget the men......... whilst men in their fifties do not have such a rapid loss of bone mass as women in the years following menopause, as they get older, both men and women lose bone mass at the same rate.