Kinvara Hyaluronic Youth Boost 15ml

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Add Kinvara Hyaluronic Youth Boost to your skincare routine to help target signs of aging, especially at the mouth and brow areas. Dry, oily, combination and tricky skin can all benefit from hyaluronic acids' natural plumping and healing properties, coupled with turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties delivered in an antioxidant rich light gel of Vitamin E, cucumber and rosemary. This small tube has a lot to benefit your skin!

How To Use

Apply a pea size amount of the Hyaluronic Youth Boost to the back of your hand.

Apply the Hyaluronic Youth Boost onto the areas where you want to see results, usually around the mouth and brow area.

Leave it dry in for about 1 minute, follow up with our 24hr Rosehip Face Serum and our Active Rosehip Day Cream for nourished, plump and protected skin.

Repeat daily.