Dr Wolz KinderImmun 65g

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Dr Wolz KinderImmun 65g

The active complex in KinderImmun consists of various natural and valuable ingredients for a healthy immune system. To boost immune response, Dr. Wolz Research has developed an immune combination for the whole family, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Child-Immune Dr. Wolz is recommended in times of overexertion and as children are growing up. “Sun vitamin D” is needed for healthy growth and healthy bone development in children.

A strong immune system will fight better against viruses and disease. KinderImmun Dr. Wolz is a natural preparation with a specific immune active complex. Therefore makes it an ideal supplement for all the family and is also suitable to take during pregnancy.

A child‘s immune system is still not fully developed and is especially under pressure during the cold months. Frequent contact with other children at school and nursery school enhances the risk of infection even further. Recurrent infections are the most frequent reason for visits to a paediatrician. Current studies report an average of six to eight infections with an average disease duration of seven to ten days a year. Especially in situations of exertion (e.g. at school) or in cold months it makes sense to support a child‘s immune system.


ZincZinc yeast supports the immune system and contributes to a balanced metabolism


Bifido bacteria are a natural part of the intestinal flora 

Vitamin C from acerola 

The powder from acerola cherry juice contains a high degree of naturally sourced vitamin C.


Colostrum concentrate from New Zealand


The content of inulin acts as nutrient for the lactobacilli.

B-complex vitamins

The selected B-complex vitamins - including folic acid - give additional support and usefully supplement the immune active complex. 

(1->3), (1->6) - beta D glucans

The valuable beta glucans originate from yeast

Active Substances

Inulin, Glucans, Acerola Juice powder, Colostrum concentrate, Zinc yeast, Bifidobacterium longum 

3 measuring spoons contains:

Vitamin C       48mg

Vitamin B1     0.66mg

Vitamin B2     0,84mg

Vitamin B6     0,84mg

Vitamin B12   1,5 µg

Folic Acid       120 µg

Zinc                3mg

Vitamin D3     10 µg

Recommended dosage

Children between 2 and until 7 years Age 2 measuring spoons per day and from 7 years age and adults 3 measuring spoons per day.  

Stir KinderImmun Dr. Wolz in cold beverages, yoghurt or desserts. KinderImmun Dr. Wolz is a pleasant tasting natural supplement free from artificial colourings and preservatives. We recommend that you stir it into cold foods such as yogurts and deserts. Avoid mixing it into hot meals or beverages so not to destroy the important properties of the probiotics and Colostrum contained within.

Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.