Heel Vertigoheel 100 Tablets

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Heel Vertigoheel 100 Tablets

Vertigo, also known as dizziness, is a common problem. Approximately 30 percent of all people in Germany have been affected at least once in their lives. Fact is, the chances of vertigo complaints increase significantly with age: more than 30% of 60-year and older and 50% of those aged 85-years and older suffer from vertigo. It can severely impair daily life and result in a high degree of suffering for those affected.

Vertigoheel® is an effective medication for vertigo/dizziness

Thanks to a combination of valuable natural ingredients, e.g. Anamirta cocculus or Conium maculatum, Vertigoheel has been helping people suffering from vertigo for more than 70 years now. It has been proven that this natural medication reduces the number and duration as well as the intensity of vertigo attacks. The first positive effects can already be felt after a short period of time.



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Customer Reviews

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Janis Penn

My GP recommended vertigoheel when I told him about my recurrent dizzy spells. Within a 3 days they had stopped almost completely. He told me to take 3/day however the pharmacist saw me reeling when I bought and advised me to take one every 2/3 hours if required. After day one I did take more than 3 a day.
After one week I realised I was forgetting to take them! Definitely proof that they had done the job. They are marvellous I’m keeping a box in my cabinet just in case of recurrence.
And I’ve recommended them to a few people with similar issues.

Eileen Fearon

I feel confident using this product.
Thank you