Mivitotal Plus 1L

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Mivitotal Plus 1L

Mivitotal Plus (formerly Total Nutrient Plus) is one of Sweden's most popular Multivitamins. Mivitotal Plus is a complete formulation of vitamins, minerals, bio-flavonoids, amino acids and trace elements in a pleasant tasting liquid form.

Mivitotal Plus contains over 70 naturally occurring colloidal trace minerals who's very small particle size guarantees maximum absorption.  Water soluble Q10, Alfalfa, psyllium and bioflavonoids are also included.

No one can take health and wellbeing for granted. Our modern busy lifestyles make heavy demands upon our bodies. Factors such as poor eating habits, smoking, stress and worry, can cause problems with our health resulting in chronic fatigue syndrome. It is very important to pay attention to the food we eat, for example food which will give the body nourishment and energy for all its functions. Perhaps we do not always live as we wish, so a broad and well-balanced food supplement can be invaluable. You cannot solve all your health problems with a food supplement but Mivitotal Plus is without doubt a good foundation.