Heel Neurexan 50 Tablets - Natural Sleep Improvement

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Heel Neurexan 50 Tablets

Neurexan has a relaxing effect on the autonomic nervous system and thus supports natural sleep. In case of nervous restlessness, Neurexan can be taken during the day without affecting concentration.

In cases of inner restlessness and sleep disorders, the natural drug Neurexan offers an effective and well-tolerated solution. This effectiveness has been scientifically proven in several studies.

Neurexan relaxes quickly and reliably. During the day, you regain your inner balance and can deal with stressful situations more calmly. Concentration and performance are maintained. There is no fear of impaired driving ability or dependence. Taken in the evening or in the late afternoon, the natural medicine makes it easier to find a restful sleep due to its calming and balancing effect2.

Start the new day relaxed and rested.

The stress hormone cortisol plays an important role in sleep. Neurexan reduces the stress-induced increase in cortisol levels and thus contributes to relaxation during the day3. Taking Neurexan as early as late afternoon can then improve sleep at night. While conventional sleep aids often cause morning tiredness and fatigue (hangover), this is not the case with Neurexan.

Neurexan® improves typical stress complaints such as nervousness, inner restlessness and sleep disturbances within a short time. You feel calmer and more balanced during the day. Thus relaxed, you can sleep better at night. The calming effect also has positive effects on other stress-related disorders. In addition, concentration is fully maintained.

Four ingredients are effective: passion flower, oats, coffee and the zinc salt of valerian acid. Passion flower helps against restlessness and nervous insomnia. Oats strengthens and invigorates the organism, acts against overwork and insomnia. Strongly diluted extracts of coffee seeds help the body with nervousness and insomnia. As well as zinc salt of valerian acid, which is used for nervous insomnia and restlessness.

Dosage recommendation from the manufacturer:
Neurexan® tablets
In normal dosage take one tablet 1 to 3 times a day. For acute restlessness, let one tablet dissolve under the tongue up to 6 times a day.



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Ms Valerie O Grady
Very Good

Arrived in good time and it's a great product for insomnia on those nights where sleep is difficult. Has a great calming relaxing effect shortly after taken would recommend